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• Play Ready Golf – (Honors are only required in Match Play formats)
• When its your turn to play, limit your pre-shot routine to 30-40 secs.
• Leave your cart, bag and/or extra clubs in your exit path from the green
• Exit the green immediately after the last player has holed out.
• Scorekeepers enter the scores at the next tee box (while your cart buddy tees off)
• On the Tee Box, watch your groups tee shots, you might be able to help them find it later.
• 3 minute searches…..MAX
• Consider using the adopted O.B. / Lost Ball Rule whenever possible, (don’t go back to the tee box)
• When players share a cart, try to split up once you arrive at the first ball, let the other player go to prepare for their next shot
• When going through your pre-shot routine, limit it to 30-40 secs. (Yea, I know I already said that, but it can’t be said too much.....unless it’s your turn to hit)
• When celebrating a birdie, take the shot in one gulp, if it’s Tequila, no salt or lime!!


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