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Sunday, October 1, 2017
Oct 1st Low Gross Low Net Highlights
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Oct 1st Low Gross Low Net Highlights

With more than ½ the field shooting under par net today, it looks like the Birch Members are getting ready for the member/guest in 2 weeks.  Now we just have to get Leo and the crew on board to get the course ready.  Let us know how to help, we can all take a trip to the beach and bring back buckets of sand if needed(LOL). 

Mansfield & Sollom shot the low gross of the day, both with a 60.  Mansfield wins the A flight, as Sollom wins the B flight.  Cessna shot the low net of the day 50, as he wins first net in the C flight.  Santuci, Vanettes and Bouzos all shot 56 nets but Mike wins the tie breaker so he takes 1st net in the A flight.  Bill & Jason both shot gross 63 but Bill wins tie breaker so he takes 2nd gross and Jason has to settles for 2nd net.  Mullican shot a 62 gross but settles for a first-place net in the B flight with his net 52.  Sykes shot 64 taking 2nd gross.  Ray Coats might have figured out how to play birch as he shot a gross 69 and his net 56 takes 2nd in B flight.  David Baldwin shot a 66 to win first place gross in the C flight.  Oliande shot a 70 to win 2nd gross & Watson wins 2nd net with his 52.  Mansfield, Bouzos & Mullican led the field today with 4 birdies each.  Jimbo had 1 of them hold up for a gross skin # 4, plus a tie for 3rd low putts (30) & his 12th long drive win on the year, a 301-yard bomb.  Jason also had 1 hold up # 16 & he wins a 1st place tie for low putts today 29 with Fabrizio.   Gary out did us both with 2 gross & 2 net skins holding up on # 9 & # 13.   Larry Oliande, who had 3 birds today, got his 1st gross skin on the year and 2 net skins on # 2 & 12, along with his 1st low putt win (a tie for 3rd with 30).  Talking about first’s, Carlos Elenes finally wins a closest to the pin on # 5 and his first placement in low putts, a tie for 3rd (along with Sollom, O’Brien & Williams).  Dan Carpenter also joins the 40 other players this year who have at least 1 closest to the pin win, his was on # 11 which he birdied and wins a net skin (would have been a gross skin also but you know the deal).  Craig Cessna had his 5th closest too win on the year with a 5’4” shot on the tough hole #16.  Javier Chavez got his 3rd long putt win on the year and this was his longest 31’ 2” on # 17.  Talking about long, Ed Flores wins his 5th senior long drive, as he cranks it 275 yards on # 6.  David Baldwin had his only birdie of the day hold up for a net skin on # 15.   JP David is making a run at Coats and Jim Hardin, as he is only 2 behind them, getting his 10th net skin on the year when he birdied # 7 today.

Birch Hills Cup Playoffs-  For the first time, Ray Coats does not have the led, Craig Cessna picked up 2500 points today to take over first place.  Ray drops to 2nd, Mansfield moves up to 3rd.  David Baldwin moves up 5 spots from 11th to 6th.  Tom Watson made the biggest move going from 21st to 13th and with 3 BHCP tournaments left Tommy is looking to grab some of that top 10 money.

All results are posted on our web site  or if you can’t seem to locate them on line you can see them posted at Birch’s finest men’s bathroom.

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